Question: What do Takamine model numbers mean?

You will see an eight digit number located here. The first two digits indicate the year your guitar was made, the second two digits represent the month, the third set of digits represent the day, and the last two digits indicates which number your guitar was manufactured as on that particular day.

What is a Takamine D Series?

The D Series by Takamine represent fine guitars at entry level prices. Featuring Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides, Rosewood bridge and fingerboard. The D1D NS is a dreadnought shape acoustic guitar finished in Natural Satin.

What Takamine is the best?

The 10 Best Takamine G Series Guitars:Takamine G Series GN93CE NEX – Editors Choice.Takamine G Series GD20 – Best for Beginners.Takamine G Series GD30CE – Best Under $500.Takamine G Series GN51CE NEX – Best for the Money.Takamine G Series GD93CE – Best Dreadnought.Takamine G Series GJ72CE – Best Jumbo.More items

Is Takamine D Series Good?

The Takamine D Series has a great tone and action. The on board equaliser is easy to use and it has an onboard tuner. Really, my guitar is beautiful and smooth - I have yet to give her a name but I will find one that fits eventually.

Where are Takamine D Series made?

Takamine manufactured its highest quality and most expensive guitars at its Sakashita factory in Japan.

What does G series mean?

G-Series (record label), a music label. ITU-T G Series, telecommunications systems recommendations for transmission systems and media, digital systems and networks. LG G series, a line of Android devices produced by LG Electronics. QI (G series), the seventh series of the TV quiz show QI.

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