Question: Is Hinge dating app for cheating?

— -- The dating app Hinge is putting cheaters on notice. Users with a Facebook relationship status listed as married, engaged or in a relationship will now be exposed in their Hinge profiles, which are populated using information from a persons Facebook profile.

Is the Hinge app for cheating?

In an effort to remain a trusted place for finding relationships, the new version of Hinge will show if a user is in a relationship, the dating app announced on their blog. According to their research, 3.6 percent of Hinge users are already spoken for.

Are people on Hinge fake?

Most members seem to be authentic and genuine in finding real dates. If there are fake accounts on the app, nonetheless, they were probably made out of boredom and curiosity of what the app is all about. They just dont want to put their face on a dating app, thats why they used fake photos.

Can you see last active on Hinge?

And if youre wondering whether Hinge has read receipts, the answer is sadly no, so knowing whether people are active on the app can be a challenge. Hinge may not have read receipts, but the app does have other ways of helping you find active matches.

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