Question: Is it a waste of time to ask a girl out?

Is it worth asking a girl out?

If you constantly find yourself thinking about her happiness, rather than just how cute she is, you might be ready to ask her out. If the idea of introducing her your family and friends makes you really happy, or if you think a lot about your future together, consider making a move.

Should I ask a girl out sooner or later?

The Best Time of Day to Ask a Girl Out For example, if you plan on meeting her the same day, then you should definitely ask her out as soon as possible. That said, the absolute best time to ask a girl out on a date is late Sunday evening.

Do you have to be friends with a girl to ask her out?

Becoming friends first has some benefits of knowing whether or not youd be good in a relationship, but its so much less fun and spontaneous. You dont necessarily need to ask a woman out the second you meet her, but there are no benefits to becoming close friends with her before you ask her out.

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