Question: Why you should date a rugby player?

Rugby players know their boundaries. Youll never hear one effing and blinding at the referee. Even if a decision goes against them on the field youll always hear flurries of yes sir, sorry sir!! This means that when dating them you can annoy the hell out of them without them losing their rag.

What qualities make a good rugby player?

It becomes quite clear that to perform at the highest level of rugby you need to have exceptional physical qualities in Strength, Speed, Power and Endurance. Ultimately, the level you perform at will come down to you physical make up, the standard of physical qualities and the position in which you play.

Is rugby difficult to learn?

So in summary; no rugby isnt hard to learn, but it does take time, dedication and practice. Time to learn the numerous rules and subtleties of the game. Time to learn and develop the skills that every player needs and the specific skills needed for each position on the field.

Why is rugby bad?

While it is definitely effective to use your head to tackle, its really dangerous in the long run when it comes to repeated head injuries and micro-concussions. Over time, players can sustain injuries to the brain through consistent trauma to the head both in practice and in games.

What are the 5 main rules of rugby?


What do girls wear to a rugby match?

Wear your most comfortable shoes, be it sneakers or thong strap sandals. The perfect skinny jeans are always a great look & a comfy bonus! Also, if you are more of a shorts kinda gal, that is what you should throw on with your rugby tee/plain tank.

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