Question: What is the nicest part of Boise?

What are the nicest parts of Boise Idaho?

The 5 Best Neighborhoods in Boise, IDNorth End. Boises tree-lined North End features many of the citys older houses, with several of them constructed from 1910 to 1930. Warm Springs/East End. Southeast Boise. Harris Ranch.15 Jan 2016

What is the nicest part of Idaho?

10 Best Places to Visit in IdahoSun Valley.Craters of the Moon National Monument. Shoshone Falls. Coeur dAlene. Idaho Falls. Hells Canyon Recreational Area. flickr/nan palmero. Lava Hot Springs. flickr/Nicolas Boullosa. Sandpoint. Sandpoint may have less than 8,000 residents, but its a major economic hub in northern Idaho. More items •24 Jun 2021

What to know about moving to Boise Idaho?

Five Outstanding Things You Need To Know Before Moving to BoiseIts One of Americas Fastest-Growing Cities. Boise is One of Americas Best Places for Millennials. The Pacific Northwest City has Many Affordable Neighborhoods. Boise has Several Convenient Public Transportation Options for Residents.More items •4 Nov 2020

Where is the highest crime rate in Idaho?

Garden City The most dangerous city in the state is Garden City. This city has the highest violent crime rate in Idaho, at 440 per 100,000 residents, nearly double the statewide rate.

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