Question: Does pure show your email?

ARE MY EMAIL AND NAME VISIBLE TO OTHER USERS? No, theres no need to worry! Apple doesnt even share your email with us, and your name is the best-kept secret. On Pure everything is anonymous and users will only see your ad.

Is pure really anonymous?

What is Pure? Pure is a hookup app that helps you spontaneously meet anonymous people in your area for casual sex. All you need is a selfie. Profiles are deleted in an hour, and there is no need to link any social media account.

How can I delete my pure account?

Follow the steps below:First, open the Google Play Store. Click on menu, then go to Subscriptions.Choose the PURE Hookup - anonymous dating subscription you wish to cancel and tap on the Cancel Subscription option.Finish up as directed.Mar 1, 2021

Is pure app secure?

He goes on to explain that the app uses end-to-end encryption and jettisons all photos, chats and related data after the hour expires. On Pure, there are no profiles that sit on servers. You log in when you want to meet up with someone, and it shows your selfie to other people in the same mood at the same time.

How do I delete a pure Iphone account?

HOW TO CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION ON iOSOpen the “Settings” app.Tap your name.Tap “Subscriptions.” (If you dont see Subscriptions, tap iTunes & App Store instead.)Tap the subscription that you want to manage.Tap “Cancel Subscription.”

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