Question: How do you anonymously chat with someone?

What is the best app for anonymous chat?

Best Anonymous Chat AppsMeetMe.Anonymous Chat Rooms.Mico.FakeChat Maker.WhosHere.Whisper.Moco.SayHi Chat.More items •Jan 11, 2021

How can I send an anonymous text without being traced?

Send Messages That Cant Be Traced Back to You Using a proxy server or a VPN improves your chances of staying completely anonymous. If you end up using your browser to send a message, make sure you do it in Incognito mode.

Can you find someone on Whisper?

According to the newspaper, Whisper monitors the location of some of its users, even those people who have decided to opt-out of the location sharing, and can track and pinpoint specific users with location turned on to within a 500-meter radius.

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