Question: Who is the sex offender on Honey Boo Boo?

“His name is Michael Anthony Ford, he is a convicted sex offender who served time for sexual exploitation of minors after being caught on To Catch a Predator in 2005.”

Is Geno a sex offender?

Ford is a registered sex offender in Georgia who served more than two years in prison for sexual exploitation of a child over the internet in 2005. Shannon and McDaniel started dating again in October 2014 after he was released from prison.

Did Sugar Bear molest chickadee?

While McDaniel may not have had any reported incidences since his release from prison, prior to his incarceration, Mama Junes eldest daughter Anna Chickadee Cardwell filed charges against him with the help of her grandmother when she was 8-years-old after he molested her. NEWS: Mama June and Sugar Bear Split!

Why did Sugar Bear and Mama June break up?

Infidelity was the reported reason for Mama June and Sugar Bears split. When the two were still together, Mama June discovered that Sugar Bear was using online dating sites. TMZ later reported that Thompson had a Plenty of Fish account and had listed “cuddling” and “single” under his bio.

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