Question: Who is Ashley Spivey married to?

She married her longtime boyfriend Steven Hunsberger in 2016.

What season of the Bachelor was Ashley Spivey on?

Spivey, who appeared on The Bachelor in 2011 during Brad Womacks season, got engaged to Hunsberg in late December 2014.

Who was Ashley Spivey?

Ashley Spivey Hunsberger was a contestant on the 15th season of The Bachelor. She was eliminated in week 5.

What happened to Ashley Spiveys baby?

In November of the following year, Spivey suffered another pregnancy loss, delivering her late son, Christopher James. The “devastated” star told her Instagram followers at the time: “He was taken too early from us, his death a result of the cord being wrapped around his neck.

Is Ashley from bachelor pregnant?

26, the duo announced that theyre expecting a baby boy! This news comes just over a month after Ashley, 33, and Jared, 32, shared their pregnancy news with the world. Baby Haibon is due Feb 10th! Were are very excited for that day to come! Ashley wrote on Instagram in July.

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