Question: What did Keyshia Ka OIR do for Gucci?

Before he was placed behind bars in 2014, he allegedly gave his wife two million dollars and she flipped it into six million with her KaOir Cosmetics business and her KaOir Fit. She told the Cut in Feb. 2018, “Gucci always says, Its crazy how of a great businesswoman you are, and how successful you are.

Did Keyshia cheat on Gucci?

It was during Guccis two-year incarceration that Keyshia allegedly had relations with Yo Gotti. “When she decided to do her a little bit, allegedly, she might have been with Yo Gotti,” said Akademiks. However, Akademiks downplayed Keyshia and Gottis relationship. “It wasnt really cheating.

How much money did Keyshia Ka OIR make Gucci Mane?

Gucci Mane Gifted $2.5M USD Chain from Keyshia | HYPEBEAST.

Who Gucci dating?

He is married to Keyshia Kaoir. They got hitched in October 2017. Gucci Mane first saw Keyshia in an XXL magazine while he was in prison.

How much is Keyshia Kaoir worth?

As I ask her about the $30 million figure, she shifts into full financial-planner mode. “My companies are super successful and I shared some ways with you of how to keep it that way, because I dont have any overhead expenses.

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