Question: Who married Batman?

Batman and Catwoman declare their undying love for each other in Batman #85, becoming husband and wife ( just without the fancy wedding). WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Batman #85 by Tom King, on sale now.

Who is Batmans wife?

Talia al GhulCreated byDennis ONeil (writer) Bob Brown (artist) Dick Giordano (concept)In-story informationTeam affiliationsSecret Society of Super Villains League of Assassins LeviathanPartnershipsDeceased Mother Ras al Ghul (father) Deathstroke Batman (love interest/ex-husband) Damian Wayne (son)6 more rows

Are Batman and Catwoman still married?

In 2019, Batman and Catwoman finally became an official couple. After a road filled with ups and downs (and a canceled wedding), the two Gotham City vigilantes unofficially tied the knot.

Who did Bruce Wayne married?

Julie first dated Bruce Wayne during their teenage years, but met him again after his mind had been erased and he had forgotten ever being Batman. The two fell passionately in love, with Bruce being prepared to settle down and marry Julie.

Does Batman have wife?

While the Hollywood version of Batman is currently in limbo—we dont know when he will return, or who will be playing him—the comic book version of Bruce Wayne is moving on with his life. In fact, hes about to take what you might call A Big Step: hes getting married, to Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman.

Who did wonder woman marry?

Steve Trevor When the DC Universe adopted the convention that the Golden Age adventures took place on the parallel world of Earth-Two, it was learned that Wonder Woman eventually gave up her secret identity, married Steve Trevor, and became the mother of Hippolyta Lyta Trevor, who became the superheroine Fury.

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