Question: What social media do Baby Boomers use the most?

How do Baby Boomers get on social media?

How to reach baby boomers on social media1) Using longer-form content. Whereas a younger generation may prefer short and snappy posts, baby boomers are more used to reading longer-form pieces. 2) Including video. 3) Making your content easily shareable.10 Feb 2021

Where do Baby Boomers hang out online?

Where Do Baby Boomers Hang out Online? Our online research showed that an overwhelming 82.3% of them belong to at least once social networking site. Similar to other age groups, Facebook is the most popular site among todays Boomers.

How much time do Baby Boomers spend on Facebook?

Overall, social media takes up the bulk of smartphone screen time. For example, both Baby Boomers and millennials spend an average of one hour or more on Facebook per day. Instagram ranks 2nd among both generations in terms of usage and activity with 52 minutes for millennials and 44 minutes for Baby Boomers.

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