Question: What language is spoken in Romanian?

Is Romanian and Russian the same language?

Having said that, in my opinion Russian and Romanian are very VERY different, they belong to 2 different language groups, the former being a slavic language, the latter a romance language with a strong latin imprint (its the only romance language that maintains the latin declension).

Is Romania a French speaking country?

In Romania there are several languages spoken .Languages of RomaniaOfficialRomanian (>90%)MinorityHungarian, Romani, Ukrainian, German, Greek, Russian, Turkish, Tatar, Serbian, Slovak, Bulgarian, CroatianForeignEnglish (31%) French (17%) German (7%) Italian (7%)SignedRomanian Sign Language

Is English widely spoken in Romania?

Romania is one of the countries where English is very well understood and spoken, according to an international map drawn up by Education First. Romania ranks 16th in Europe for English proficiency, better than countries such as France, Spain, Italy or Greece, and 20th in the world, reports local Digi24.

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