Question: Does Waterford crystal always have a mark?

The bases of most Waterford crystal have the word Waterford etched on the underside. Older Waterford crystal carried a green and gold sticker with the logo. However, this may have been removed after years of wear.

How can you tell if Waterford Crystal is real?

The first way to tell an authentic piece of Waterford is to look for the Waterford acid mark. Using a magnifying glass, or holding the crystal up to the light, search for the stamp. It will most likely appear on the stems base, but can also be found in the grooves as well.

Is all crystal marked?

You might not notice it at first, but most crystal stemware has some type of marking. A magnifying glass and holding the stemware up to light can help you spot the mark and read it. You could find the mark on the rim or center of the foot, on the stem, or on the bottom of the bowl.

What are the Waterford crystal patterns?

Waterford Crystal PatternsLismore. Craftsmanship: a fusion of inspiration from the landscape and skills passed down generation to generation. Lismore Diamond. The Lismore Diamond collection is a strikingly modern reinterpretation of our Lismore Classic design. Wild Atlantic Way. Dungarvan. Colleen. Irish Lace. Seahorse.

How do I know if my crystal is worth money?

Tapping genuine crystal emits a musical “ping” sound. Well-known crystal manufacturers typically marked the bottom of their wares with a signature or company name, which can help determine their value. Another factor is appearance: the more intricate a pieces cuts and stems, the more value it holds.

Lismore Waterfords most popular cut-crystal pattern, Lismore, was created by the companys designer Miroslav Havel in 1952. It was inspired by the spectacular Lismore Castle in Waterford County, Ireland, a magnificently turreted structure with intricate leaded windows.

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