Question: How to set your location in Badoo search?

How do you set your location to somewhere else on Bumble?

How can I change my location on Bumble Web?Click your profile image located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.Click SettingsScroll until you see LocationBeside the city there will be a refresh icon.Click the icon and your location will update to the latest city pinged by your browser.

Can you set your location to a different city on Bumble?

If youre interested in the dating pool of another city, you can change your location using Travel Mode to make connections wherever youd like. With Bumble Premium, you can activate Travel Mode to swipe and be shown in another city before or during your travels making it more convenient to create genuine connections!

How do you turn off location on Badoo?

To change your location in Badoo do this:Open your Badoo profile and select the pencil icon to edit.Select a new location in the Location section or use a predetermined one in the dropdown menu.

How do I fake my location on Bumble iPhone?

On iOS:Step 1: Open the Settings and then tap “Bumble”.Step 2: Within the Bumble settings, select “Location”.Step 3: Here, you can choose of you would like Bumble to access your location “Never” or “Ask next Time”.Jul 29, 2021

How do I change the distance on my bumble 2020?

How do you change your Bumble search distance? Go to the “settings” section of your profile, and use the slider to set the number of miles you want included in your search radius, up to 100.

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