Question: Where can I find rich men in Vancouver?

Where do the rich go in Vancouver?

Even if you choose West Bay, Westmount, Bayridge, or Sandy Cove, living in Canadas richest areas is a pleasure. West Bay and Sandy Cove are among the best-known Vancouver neighbourhoods, with a continuously growing property market and sales record in past years.

Who is the richest man in BC?

Among the biggest winners are the Thompson fortune ($14.4 billion increase in wealth), Tobi Lutke of Shopify ($8.8 billion increase) and BCs Jim Pattison ($7.2 billion increase).

What is the biggest house in Canada?

Canadas largest house is a 65,000-square foot mansion thats abandoned and decaying.Named the Peter Grant Mansion, the building sits on 43 acres on the shores of Lake Temiskaming in Northern Ontario.More items •Jun 24, 2021

Who is the wealthiest family in Canada?

The Thomson family The Thomson family is not only the richest family in Canada but is also one of the richest families in the world. Patriarch David Thomson, or Baron Thomson of Fleet, inherited his British title and the Thomson Corporation from his father.

Who owns biggest house in Canada?

The Peter Grant Mansion sits on 43 acres of property and was last listed in 2010 as costing $25million. It was near completion before the 2008 economic recession financially crippled its owner and his company. Grant now lives at another luxurious property within the grounds of a nearby golf course.

What is the most expensive home in Canada?

The most expensive house in Canada comes in at $59 million and even has its own name — Chelster Hall. The sprawling Oakville country mansion is equipped with six bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and 30 parking spaces — enough for your entire extended family to visit during the next reunion.

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