Question: How do I spoof my location on tinder Android?

How do I change my location on Tinder Android?

Change Location on Tinder with Tinder PassportTouch the profile icon.Select “Settings”Touch “Sliding in” (on Android) or “Location” (on iOS)Select “Add a new location” and change the location.16 Jul 2021

Can I spoof my location on Tinder?

Because of the accessibility of the GPS information on an Android phone, you can fairly easily spoof your location on Tinder by using a third-party app.

How do I change my Tinder location on Android for free?

How to Change the Location in TinderGo to Settings > About Tablet/Phone.Keep tapping Build Number until it tells you you are a developer.Check Allow mock locations on.Go to Settings > Location.Tap on Mode.Change the location mode from High Accuracy to Device Only. Install Everywhere for Tinder from the Play Store.More items •2 May 2015

Does Tinder update your location in the background?

Does Tinder location update automatically? Yes, but it will only update the location when you open the app. It doesnt actually know where youve been since it will not ping your location when it is closed or even if you leave it running in the background.

How does Tinder change location?

To change your location on Tinder:Go to the Settings or App Settings screen and tap Swiping in (Android) or Location (iOS).Tap the option to “Add a new location.”Enter the city you want to swipe in into the search bar.Select it from your search results.Tap the blue banner to change your location.

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