Question: Is Korean Cupid only for Koreans?

The dating platform is open to all users and according to the KoreanCupid review of the website, even non-Asian men can search for brides here. The service is created not only for everyone to have fun but also for all users to find a partner for marriage and you can find out if you can do it there.

How do you get Korean friends on Instagram?

Korean Friends is kind of like Instagram and is created specifically for Koreans and foreigners to become friends! The friends you make in the app are called your pen pals! You dont have to worry about the language barrier too much; Korean Friends has an in-app translator.

Is Korean Cupid free?

Yes, registering an account with KoreanCupid is free of charge.

Does Korea use Whatsapp?

both whats app and SMS are supported in Korea. You can always use whatsapp for Intl calls.

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