Question: Is there an ELO for Aram?

Is there an MMR for Aram?

You have to have played in the last 30 days to get an MMR rating. This tool is not available in all servers yet, unfortunately. Similarly, the website offers a very extensive guide into ARAM and how to improve your performance in this game mode.

Will there ever be Aram ranked?

Regardless of how bad the LoL player base would like to see ranked mode in ARAM, Riot Games has no future plans on adding it. ARAM was released back in 2012 and is one of the most popular game modes in League of Legends.

Why do high ELO players play Aram?

ARAM provides players with the opportunity to broaden their champion pool like never before, in addition to offering a greater understanding of each champions mechanics, weaknesses and strengths by giving players hands-on time with champs outside their usual repertoire.

Is there a champ pool for Aram?

Riot Games just made a bit change to League of Legends ARAM game mode with the games 10.7 Update thats now created a set pool of champions who will always be playable in the game. Riot shared the full list of free-to-play champions youll now find in ARAM which can be seen below.

What happens if I leave an Aram?

What happens if I leave a matchmade ARAM game? You will suffer the same penalty as leaving any other matchmade game. The LeaverBuster system also applies to this map!

Do you get banned for leaving Bot games lol?

No, your account will not be banned. However, it is possible to be punished for leaving just 1-2 games. Players who leave games will be placed in a low priority queue and will be required to play 5 matchmade games without leaving before exiting low priority queue.

Why do I always see the same champions in Aram?

Yes, it is really random. You will see free champions more often because theyre the only champions that everyone owns. Random is just that: random. Humans attempt to find patterns where there are none, and wind up perceiving that maybe the randomness isnt really random.

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