Question: Do you have to be a farmer to join FarmersOnly com?

FarmersOnly may have its target audience right in its name, but its user base isnt exclusively composed of farmers. There are also many users who state upfront that they dont have any farming experience at all. For other dating sites that offer more for free users, check out our Matchmaking service category.

When did FarmersOnly com start? launched back in 2005 and quickly became THE place for farmers and ranchers to meet like-minded people. In the last 11 years, membership has grown to over 5 million and still growing at an incredible pace.

How much does it cost to join FarmersOnly?

It costs $27.95 to join Farmers Only as a premium member for one month. Farmers Only has two other ala carte features that are only available for Premium members: Gold Status: For an extra $9.99 a month, free users will be able to read & respond to your messages.

How many people are on FarmersOnly?

1.5 million members Miller created the dating site Farmers Only, which now boasts 1.5 million members — a number doubled in the last year — and 70-80 percent, he tells me, are in the agriculture industry now.

Do you have to pay for farmers only? offers two membership plans. Standard membership is free. As a standard member, you can browse through our database of profiles, use search options, send flirts to members you are interested in and get notified if another member has sent you a flirt.

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