Question: How do you date someone who is co-parenting?

What is an appropriate co-parenting relationship?

The definition of a healthy co-parenting relationship clearly states that the children must not be the mediators between the parents or must not facilitate the dialogues between them. Children should not be made aware or hear about the discord between you and your partner.

How do you date someone co parents?

Always try to be respectful and cordial when to your co-parent and their new partner. If your former partner struggles with your new relationship, try to be understanding and encourage them to be respectful and cordial for the sake of your child too.

Is co-parenting considered a relationship?

Co-parenting is an enterprise undertaken by parents who together take on the socialization, care, and upbringing of children for whom they share equal responsibility. The co-parent relationship differs from an intimate relationship between adults in that it focuses solely on the child.

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