Question: What was the finale of Celebs Go Dating?

Celebs Go Dating FINALE: Viewers SLAM Curtis Pritchard for leading women on as he ends series by pieing off his date and revealing hed rather stay single and focus on himself Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion drew to a close on Thursday night - with one particular moment setting viewers into a spin on Twitter.

How did Celebs Go Dating end?

In the series final the celebs and their dates enjoyed an end of series party with a twist - a commitment ceremony. The celebs and their dates had to decide if they wanted to stay with their partners after the show on the outside world.

Is Celebs Go Dating on tonight 2021?

Episodes of Celebs Go Dating 2021 airs Sunday-Friday nights at 9PM on E4.

What days do celebrities date in 2021?

Celebs Go Dating 2021 airs Monday-Thursday nights on E4 at 9PM.

Is Shane and Kimberly still together?

According to, Pow and Wang made their relationship public in 2016 and consistently uploaded cute pictures together. By the looks of it, Wang somewhat assured fans of their relationship status after she left a cheeky comment on Pows post.

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