Question: Should you give guys second chances?

When we make real improvements, we do it for ourselves not for others. We change something when we dont like what we see in the mirror. So if your man changed for himself – give him another chance. If he changed just for you – its time to move on.

Should you give someone a second chance dating?

If things didnt meet your initial expectations, Masini says you should definitely consider giving em a second chance. “There is always the chance that this is the one, and you both just werent on top of your game,” she explains. “If youve been looking for someone who has the qualities this person has, try again.

Why you shouldnt give someone a second chance?

The thing about exes is that they know all your flaws and they will use them against you. So, if he sees that you forgave him last time he will cheat on you again or will hurt you in any way, thinking that you will forgive him. Thats why you should never give him a second chance.

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