Question: Why am I getting junk mail from dating sites?

Here are the three most probable reasons you got a spam email from a random dating site you never visited or signed up for: Spammers bought a mailing list that contained your email address. Another company shared your data to an affiliate company. Theres been a user data leak.

How do dating sites get your email?

This could be anything from a TV series to a porn. Further, these websites sell their databases with other businesses like dating sites and the last ones get your data, including email address. The webmaster of that particular dating site, bought a mailing list, and your address happen to be on that list.

Why do I get random junk mail?

Spam emails, otherwise known as junk mail, are uninvited bulk-sent email messages delivered to an inbox. You probably receive email spam and marketing messages regularly. Spam messages often come from illegitimate email addresses, and may contain explicit or illegal content.

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