Question: How soon should you go to couples therapy?

Couples should seek therapy long before they think they “need” to. Most experts believe that therapy can be an important part of your relationship. “Most issues within a couple start small and then grow in size when they dont get resolved.

Are you ready for Couples Therapy?

Youre Willing to Change for Yourself. Your ability to focus on your own growth is a sign that youre ready to change. Its not unusual for couples to report that many of their other intimate relationships; children, siblings, or parents are positively impacted when they start couples counseling.

Can I go to therapy with my boyfriend?

You can enter into therapy regardless of your living arrangements, or how long you have been together, or your sexual orientation. In fact, in many situations the “couple” is a parent and child, or siblings. In other words, the title of the treatment is not the important factor.

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