Question: Who married bodyguard?

Pamela Anderson is a married woman again! The 53-year-old Baywatch alum wed her bodyguard, a bodybuilder and fellow Canadian, Dan Hayhurst, in an intimate ceremony on the grounds of her home on Vancouver Island, British Columbia on Christmas Eve, E! News confirmed on Wednesday, Jan. 27.

Who was Tommy Lee married to?

Brittany Furlanm. 2019 Pamela Andersonm. 1995–1998Heather Locklearm. 1986–1993Elaine Starchukm. 1984–1985 Tommy Lee/Spouse

Why did Pamela and Tommy divorce?

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee divorced due to his alcoholism Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lees marriage was over when he was sent to jail in May 1998. According to Hollywood Life, the couples relationship was shaken by fights that even upset their toddler-age children, which prompted Anderson to file for divorce.

Do celebrities hook up with their bodyguards?

9 Celebrities Who Have Had Flings Or Even Relationships With The Bodyguards Hired For Protection. Love can strike anywhere, even for celebrities. For some celebrities, theyve found love (or at least a fun fling) with their hired muscle. A number of celebrities have dated their bodyguards.

Is Brittany Furlan still married to Tommy Lee?

Theres no doubt that Tommy Lees love life is a rollercoaster with countless dynamics, however, he has been in a steady relationship with social media personality Brittany Furlan since 2017 with whom he has been married for more than two years now and the couple seems to be genuinely happy as they work together

Are Pam and Tommy still together?

While both are now married to others, despite all the drama over the years, in 2015, Anderson still spoke highly of Lee. “There was Tommy and then there was nobody else,” she told People. “He was the love of my life.

Who is Tommy Lee with now?

Right now he is on marriage number four – to social-media star and podcaster Brittany Furlan – and is living happily in LA, complete with a menagerie of animals, a recording studio and a Rolls-Royce in the garage.

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