Question: Do you have to pay to use JDate?

You can use JDate for free, but what you can do is limited. Free users can: Set up a profile. Add up to 6 photos.

What does it cost to join JDate?

Price | How much does JDate cost?Membership TypeMembership LengthMembership CostPremium6 months$29.99 per monthPremium3 months$44.99 per monthPremium1 month$59.99 per month

Do you have to pay for our time dating site?

You can find additional features which are completely optional however you only need to purchase a basic subscription to enable you to have unlimited conversations, see all your views and likes, and ultimately find someone to love life with.

How good is OurTime dating site?

Is OurTime a good dating site? OurTime is good — for those who get matches. Some reviewers complain about possible scammers, but that happens with almost every dating site. OurTime dating services are ideal if youre looking for a no-nonsense approach to mature online dating.

What happens when you like someone on OurTime?

Someone caught your eye? Let them know by clicking Send Like from their profile to send a fun, system generated email. When someone sends you a like, well send you a message to let you know.

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