Question: Why are cat lovers better than dog lovers?

People who said they were dog lovers in the study tended to be more lively -- meaning they were more energetic and outgoing -- and also tended to follow rules closely. Cat lovers, on the other hand, were more introverted, more open-minded and more sensitive than dog lovers.

What is the difference between a dog person and a cat person?

A 2010 study at the University of Texas found that those who identified as dog people tended to be more social and outgoing, whereas cat people tended to be more neurotic and open, meaning creative, philosophical, or nontraditional.

Why do I prefer cats over dogs?

They dont require a lot of space to use up their energy or stay interested, as they typically dont have a lot of energy (or interest in things) so they dont move often from their daily napping spot. Cats are cheaper. It doesnt cost as much to feed a cat as it does a dog.

Can I have a pet cat?

As pets go, cats are relatively low maintenance compared to dogs which need companionship, walking, training etc. However, like any pet, they do need care, and some cats need more care than others.

Why do cats hate belly rubs?

Why do some cats dislike belly rubs? Hair follicles on the belly and tail area are hypersensitive to touch, so petting there can be overstimulating, Provoost says. “Cats prefer to be pet and scratched on the head, specifically under their chin and cheeks,” where they have scent glands, Provoost says.

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