Question: Is there an app like love is blind?

That being said, Ellie, another thoughtful co-worker of mine, suggested I try a dating app called SMore (short for “Something More”). Currently available in New York, Boston and Washington, D.C., the app is essentially the social network version of “Love Is Blind.”

Are there any blind dating apps?

But there are apps out there that making dating accessible to the visually impaired, such as Facebook Dating. This app is used and promoted by blind YouTube sensation Molly Burke in her video “The Truth About Dating As A Woman With A Disability“.

Is smores a good dating app?

Although it generally is considered as a dating app, building a friendly relationship is welcome as well. Currently, only iOS users can use and enjoy the features of the app. It is available only for iOS devices as of the moment but the company says that there will be an Android version in the near future.

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