Question: Is Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast cheaper?

The Verdict: While the Gold Coast will likely remain the first choice for those with kids simply due to the sheer volume of things to do, the fact that the Sunshine Coasts kids attractions are generally cheaper and are fairly high in both quality and number, given the regions lesser commercialisation, is impressive.

Where is better to live Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast?

Simply put, in terms of natural attractions, the Sunshine Coast has everything the Gold Coast has plus slightly more - the beaches are equally spectacular but less crowded, the hinterland has additional features to make it slightly more attractive, and fewer highrises makes for slightly less inhibited atmosphere in

What is the best suburb in Queensland?

Top 10 performing suburbs in Queensland.Collinsville.Minyama.Hamilton.Hollywell.Miles.Mount Coolum.Dundowran Beach.Boonah.More items •27 Dec 2019

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