Question: Who are the first dates at First Dates Hotel Plymouth?

Richard Dick Plumb and Clare Stanley were paired up in Italy during the first episode of the fifth series of the show, which is a spin-off of First Dates.

Who owns the hotel in first dates?

Fred Sirieix Fred SirieixBorn27 January 1972 Limoges, FranceOccupationMaître dhôtelEmployerChannel 4 BBC ITVKnown forFirst Dates Million Pound Menu1 more row

Is there a real First Dates Hotel?

Since the second season of the hit show, First Dates Hotel has been filmed at the Aquapetra Resort and Spa. The beautiful hotel, which is surrounded by olive trees and has views to die for, is around a one hour drive from Naples, and is described on their official website as a little piece of Eden.

How many series of First Dates Hotel are there?

How many seasons of First Dates Hotel are there? So far, three seasons have been released.

What is the latest hotel first date?

The 2021 series of First Dates Hotel started on Wednesday, 24 March on Channel 4 at 9PM. The next episode airs 28 April. Episodes will air on TV weekly on Wednesdays at 9PM on Channel 4.

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