Question: Where should I not live in Sacramento?

Avoid Rio Linda, Del Paso Heights, South Sacramento, El Camino Area. Do check out Natomas, midtown, east sac, Truxel, Roseville, Rocklin, Stanford Ranch. Avoid North Highlands, anything on Watt avenue.

What is the safest city near Sacramento?

This ranks Sacramento high on the list of dangerous cities nationwide. Your chances of becoming a victim of property crime in Sacramento are about 1 in 30. The safest neighborhoods in Sacramento are generally north and south of the downtown area. This includes River Park, Elmhurst, Campus Commons, Westlake, and Pocket.

Is Sacramento a bad place to live?

The cost of living in Sacramento is lower than most parts of the state. Sacramento seems to take the brunt of the tough economic times that California and the United States experience. It is expensive to live in California, but it isnt too bad in this city.

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