Question: What school did Douglas Booth go to?

Who plays Kyle in lol?

Douglas BoothLOL Kyle/Played by

Does Lola end up with Kyle?

Eventually, Lola and Anne reconcile and Lola moves back in with her mother. Kyles band wins battle of the bands and his father finally begins to support his musical aspirations. Kyle and Lola stay together.

Is Lola Disney movie?

LOL is a 2012 American teen romantic comedy film written and directed by Lisa Azuelos. A remake of the 2009 French film LOL (Laughing Out Loud) (also directed by Azuelos), the film stars Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore, Ashley Greene, and Adam Sevani .LOL (2012 film)LOLLanguageEnglishBudget$11 millionBox office$10.5 million14 more rows

Why did Kyle and Lola breakup?

Inside, Lola never wanted to end up like her mother, but Kyle made her believe they were meant for each other. Kyle, tearful, hates to make her feel like this. Lola admits Theo knows her just as Summer knows him, but she wouldnt let him in. They agree its over – they love and respect each other enough to be honest.

Why did they break up Kyle and Lola?

An emotional Lola began to break down over fear of becoming her mother. Kyle was visibly shaken as he apologized and explained that he never wanted to make her feel the way she was feeling now. Despite the teary and emotional exchange, the married couple expressed their respect and love for each other.

Who does Lola end up with in lol?

Kyle and Lola stay together. Ashley and Chad begin to date and Emily and Wen are together as she is no longer embarrassed to be with him. The film ends with Anne and Lola laughing out loud while cuddling.

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