Question: Is it okay to date your mentor?

What should a relationship with a mentor be like?

In addition to being prepared and committed, the mentor-mentee relationship must be built upon certain factors including: Trust and respect. Open and honest communication. Flexibility and understanding of other perspectives.

How do you deal with a bad mentor?

There are some things that mentees can do to be sure they dont get into a bad mentoring situation, such as:go slowly by taking it one meeting at a time.define boundaries early on and stick to them.both mentor and mentee should have goals for the alert for personality differences.More items •13 May 2021

What makes a poor mentor?

A bad mentor will honestly believe they have no room to improve. They might even constantly discuss how they could do a better job than the leaders of the company. This type of person isnt just a bad mentor, theyre a bad employee.

How long should mentorship last?

Some believe that the relationship should last no more than three to six months, others believe that mentoring is a long-term process where an individual is supported over a number of years to realise their true potential.

How often should I meet with a mentor?

A: You should schedule and keep at least one meeting with your mentee each month for the first six months. Plan each meeting for a minimum of one hour. After six months meetings should become less regimented and should occur as needed.

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