Question: How did Louise and Spencer meet?

Are Louise and Spencer still friends?

Louise admitted that things have always been amicable between her and Spencer since the dust settled on the split but that they dont really have a relationship anymore. Speaking after the special moment, Spencer said: Ive known Vogue was The One for a long time. Were very happy and in love.

How did Louise cheat on Andy with?

First him and Louise Thompson broke up, then on last nights episode he was told by his arch nemesis Spencer Matthews that she had continued to sleep with that well known boyband member (allegedy Niall Horan from One Direction) she hooked up with in the last series when they were still going out.

Did Spencer Matthews cheat on Louise Thompson?

Spencer Matthews cheating on nearly every single girlfriend Theres been a lot cheating through Made In Chelseas history, its essentially all the show is about and it all started with Spencer Matthews. Spencer cheated on Louise Thompson, Steph Pratt, Lucy Watson and Lauren Hutton.

Does Spencer get with caggie?

Caggie and Spencer finally get together, and Louise gives into temptation with Jamie. Back in Chelsea, Jamie hosts a Christmas party where Millie and Rosie eventually set aside their differences and make up, and Caggie and Proudlocks plans to go to Australia together upset Spencer.

Who cheated on Made in Chelsea?

Made In Chelsea viewers have finally got to witness the dramatic moment Sam Thompson discovered girlfriend Zara McDermott had cruelly cheated on him - putting an end to their 16 month romance.

Did James and Lucy break up?

No. Lucys tweet may have undertones of a break up, but from what weve found online. It looks as if Lucy and James are still together.

What is Spencewuah BF TikTok?

Who is Spencewuah and his boyfriend ? Spencer Hunt knows as Spencewuah on TikTok is a verified content creator from USA. He always expressed his gay sexuality through his videos. 19-year-old Spencer introduced Luis Bergain as his boyfriend to all his social media fans in December 2020.

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