Question: What is Otome kei?

乙女 Otome (乙女) is a japanese maiden-like fashion as well as a lifestyle based around traditional girls hobbies. It originated in the late 1970s and is often refered to as one of the predecessors of Lolita fashion.

How to dress Otome?

Otome girls usually keep their makeup and hair simple with accessories and vibrancy kept to the minimum. They typically wear mary janes or oxford shoes, but unlike lolita, there are no rules, and you dont always need to wear a dress. The only rule is to look cute, so if you look kawaii, youre ready to go!

How do you wear casual lolita?

Most favoured in the Casual Lolita outfits is (in a way) simplicity, so a nice simple cutsew perhaps with a motif of some sort paired with a lolita skirt and hair accessory/headdress (however the hair accessories are usualy toned-down as well.)

What is kei fashion?

Visual kei is a style created in the mid-1980s by Japanese musicians consisting of striking makeup, unusual hair styles and flamboyant costumes, similar to Western glam rock and glam metal. Androgyny is also a popular aspect of the style.

How do you dress a Larme Kei?

Ruffled collars, puffed sleeves, ribbon bows, pleated skirts, and satin blouses by this ladylike brand are the embodiment of the sweet side of larme kei. Ank Rouge accessories include iconic larme kei pieces, such as berets, oversized bows, delicate jewelry, and sophisticated pearls, to round out the look.

What is Country Lolita?

Country Lolita (カントリーロリ) is a style of Lolita which often uses straw baskets, hats, fruit, and gingham patterns. Country Lolita is sort of what you would get if you imagine that a Classic or Sweet Lolita grew up on a farm in the countryside.

What is gyaru Kei?

Edit. B-Kei, or B-Gyaru, is a sub-style of gyaru. The name is widely considered to stand for Black Style and is a style that heavily appropriates African American Culture. The style represents a rebellion against traditional Japanese ideals of beauty, which is overall the origin of Gyaru style itself.

What is Menhera?

Menhera is a net slung that indicates people who need some mental health care. It is a compound word that consists of mental, health and a suffix -er. Originally, people who may come to BBS about mental health were called as menherā (men- heal-er).

What are the different types of kawaii?

Types of Kawaiiguro-kawaii –grotesque cute. This is cute done in a disturbing, grotesque way. kimo-kawaii – creepy cute. Think cuteness to the point of being creepy.busu-kawaii – ugly cute. Can ugly be cute? ero-kawaii – sexy cute. Best example: the French Maid.shibu-kawaii – subdued cute. Everyday cute.7 Sep 2014

Who is Menhera Chan?

About Bisuko Ezaki Ezaki is a Japanese Illustrator/Manga Writer who created a new genre of Kawaii “Yami-Kawaii,” also known as “Menhera.” One of his representative works, Menhera-chan, is a character whose theme is “mental health” – a topic that is commonly considered taboo in Japan.

Whats the difference between Gyaru and ganguro?

Ganguro appeared as a new fashion style in Japan in the early 1990s and is prevalent mostly among young women and women in their early 20s to this date. Ganguro falls into the larger subculture of Gyaru, a slang term used for various groups of young women, usually referring to overly childish or rebellious girls.

What is a Gyaru girl?

Gyaru (ギャル) is the Japanese transliteration of the English slang word gal (girl), the Japanese phonetic pronunciation being /gjəɾu/ and in English it would be /gæl/. It was for a womens jeans line that was separate to the regular jeans line, targeted women, and was named Levis For Gals.

Is Yami kawaii Harajuku?

While some people see this as a way to express their true feelings about their mental illness, others just have fun with it and love the dark-cute aesthetics as a part of Harajuku fashion sub culture. The most famous icon of yami-kawaii is Menhera-chan, a magical girl with mental health issues!

Who is Menhara Chan?

About Bisuko Ezaki Ezaki is a Japanese Illustrator/Manga Writer who created a new genre of Kawaii “Yami-Kawaii,” also known as “Menhera.” One of his representative works, Menhera-chan, is a character whose theme is “mental health” – a topic that is commonly considered taboo in Japan.

What is the opposite of kawaii aesthetic?

Gurokawa (グロカワ), also known as Creepy Cute in the west, describes a fashion and aesthetic trend that combines grotesque elements with kawaii. It is often confused with the Yamikawaii trend, which revolves around cute medical and dark themes, but Gurokawa has more of a horror theme to it and is rarely in pastels.

What is Kimo kawaii?

Called kimo-kawaii, translated as “gross cute,” the phenomenon has influenced Japanese television, music, and even local government in the last few years. This mascot surplus means its harder than ever to get attention with a cute character—so several local governments instead decided to get weird.

Who is Kurumi-Chan?

Matsumotos 16-page The Mysterious Clover (1934) is recognized as a pioneering work in the field of manga, but he is best known for his shōjo manga Kurukuru Kurumi-chan, serialized from 1938 to 1940, and again from 1949 to 1954 .Katsuji MatsumotoNotable worksKurukuru Kurumi-chan The Mysterious Clover5 more rows

Is Gyaru still popular?

Although the popularity of Gyaru as a fashion and lifestyle has declined since its peak in the early 2000s, as of late 2015 there has been a small group of still-active Gyaru working towards increasing the popularity of the style as an attempt to revive it.

How do you act like a Gyaru?

2:224:52How to Dress Like a GYARU (ギャル) - YouTubeYouTube

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