Question: What does the ending of American Born Chinese mean?

Because of the Monkey King, Jin abandons his white Danny alter ego and regains the other real person in his life: Wei-Chen, the friend who loyally supported him despite all of Jins issues.

What is the point of American Born Chinese?

American Born Chinese, by Gene Yeng, is a graphic novel that grapples with themes, or main ideas, of friendship, identity, and personal transformation by weaving together three stories.

Why are Amelia and Wei Chen staying behind after school?

When Amelia volunteered to stay after school to take care of the class pets, Wei-Chen tried to encourage Jin to volunteer too, but his noises drew the teachers attention and Wei-Chen was forced to volunteer. Instead Chin-kee went through all of Dannys classes answering the teachers questions in his broken English.

Why was Wei Chen sent to earth?

What does the Monkey King reveal about Wei-Chen? Reveals that Wei-Chen is his son, an emissary, and had been sent to the Earth so he could have a test of virtue.

How does Wei-Chen help Jin after Jins date with Amelia?

He pumps Jin up. Wei-Chen tells Amelia all about Jins good side, like when Jin show [him] how things work in America. He help [Wei-Chen] with [his] English. He teach [him] hip English phrase like Dont have a cow, man and Word of your— no, no… Word to your mother(5.72).

Why does the Monkey King rename himself?

The first plot is about the monkey king who is insulted by other rulers and decides to prove that hes better than they think. He practices kung fu, increases his abilities, and then shows off his skills. His feelings of superiority lead him to rename himself the Great Sage.

Does Amelia actually like Jin?

Amelias cool. Plus she genuinely seems to like Jin. She reveals to Wei-Chen, for example, that she actually had a lot of fun (8.43) on her date with Jin. However Amelias also maybe a little naive, a little wishy-washy.

Who did Wei-Chen begin to date?

Though Jin accuses Wei-Chen at several points of acting like a F.O.B. (“fresh off the boat,” or a new immigrant), Wei-Chen gradually embraces California and even starts dating a Japanese American classmate named Suzy. He often encourages Jin to do and be his best, which includes encouraging Jin to speak to Amelia.

Who actually was Wei-Chen?

Later, the Monkey King reveals that Wei-Chen is actually his son and a monkey, sent to Earth by Tze-Yo-Tzuh to live without vice for 40 years.

What animal does Wei-Chen compare to Jin because he is nervous to talk to Amelia?

His friend, Wei-Chen calls him a “turtle.” Eventually, Jin decides that the only way hell be able to successfully woo Amelia is if (like the Monkey King) he changes his appearance — to look more like the others.

Who does Danny represent in American Born Chinese?

Danny a.k.a. Insecure Jin Well for one, its pretty clear that Danny and Chin-Kee have an odd genetic bond: Dannys blond and white while Chin-Kee is obviously Chinese.

What notice does the Monkey King receive from heaven?

flower-fruit mountain, where flowers bloomed year-round, and fruits hung heavy with nectar. How was the monkey king born and what happened? born from a rock; when hi eyes first opened, rays of light were flashed deeply into the sky; all of heaven noticed.

What is the point of the Monkey Kings story?

Monkey King is an allegorical rendition of the journey, mingled with Chinese fables, fairy tales, legends, superstitions, popular beliefs, monster stories, and whatever the author could find in the Taoist, Buddhist, and Chinese popular religions.

Why does Greg not like Jin with Amelia?

Greg asks Jin not to go out with Amelia again. Why? His excuse is that hes just looking out for Amelias best interests and he doesnt think Jins the right kind of guy Amelia should be with.

Why is the Monkey King trying to change himself?

The monkey king wants all the power. He names himself The Great Sage Equal Of Heaven and tries to become a god.

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