Question: Who is the main man in the main hall Arkham Asylum?

Who is the main man in the main hall? On the east side of this room is a short hallway that leads to the South Corridor. On the left wall is a portrait of Commissioner Gordon.

Who is the main man Batman?

BatmanBruce Wayne BatmanCreated byBob Kane Bill FingerIn-story informationAlter egoBruce WaynePlace of originGotham City8 more rows

Who is the main villain in Batman Arkham City?

Ras al Ghul is revealed to be the true mastermind behind Arkham City and mortally wounds Strange for failing to defeat Batman.

Who grabs the Titan in Arkham Asylum?

Following the credits of Batman: Arkham Asylum, three alternate endings showed either Bane, Scarecrow, or Killer Croc grabbing the wayward TITAN crate. The ending shown depended on how many times the particular character had killed Batman.

Is the number up for these guards?

Is the number up for these guards? As soon as youve entered the Botanical Gardens, turn left and find the bench. There are two dead security men, posed with books, and numbered marks are scratched onto the nearby wood. Scan the whole scene to solve the riddle.

Who is the main bad guy in Arkham origins?

We learned about the Batman: Arkham Origins plot last week… mob boss Black Mask offers a fortune for Batmans head, and top assassins and supervillains come to Gotham to cash in on the kill. Holmes goes into detail as to why he and his team picked Black Mask to be the main antagonist in the game.

Why does Scarecrow hate Batman in Arkham Knight?

After murdering all of Scarecrows guards, the Arkham Knight explained to Crane that he too wished to destroy Batman, but also wanted to make him suffer first through the worst way for the hero; through fear.

How do you get into Arkham Mansion?

Just go straight ahead and youll find the mansion. Grapple hook up there since you cant go through the front door. Open the vent with your Batclaw. Then enter it to get inside Arkham Mansion.

Where is the Riddler map in the caves?

Mystery (Secrets Map) Look just to the left of the large hole in the wall of the first Pump Control Room -- above the Main Sewer junction area -- for the Caves Secrets Map on a table.

What is the IQ of Tony Stark?

186 Abilities. Super-Genius Intelligence: Tony is a phenomenal scientific genius and inventor with an IQ of 186.

Why does the Arkham Knight hate Batman?

Jason revealed that during the torture, Joker had convinced him to hate Batman for giving up and abandoning him only after six months while Joker was showing him tough love and that it was Batman whom he should truly hate.

Who is Hugo Strange master in Arkham City?

Hugo Strange devised a plan to steal Bruce Wayne with his new security enforcments for Arkham City known as TYGER. By the end of the game you are able to confront him and find out the secret that Ras al Ghul was Hugo Stranges leader in all of this.

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