Question: Who Should an INTJ woman date?

INTJs are likely to be in positive, healthy relationships, because theyre likely to leave relationships which arent working for them (unless other circumstances prohibit that). Although two well-developed individuals of any type can enjoy a healthy relationship, the INTJs natural partner is the ENFP, or the ENTP.

Who should INTJs date?

INTJs are strongly compatible with Extroverted-Intuition types like ENFP and ENTP. These types have a good mix of opposite traits to balance the INTJ, while also valuing the same deep imagination as the INTJ. INTJs prefer to have a balance of time spent with their partner and on their own.

What is it like to date an INTJ woman?

INTJ females are driven, independent women. They are looking for an equal, not an emotionally fragile male ego who needs a woman to give him an identity. The time you spend with your INTJ partner should be high quality and focused on each other. So, dont feel rejected if she needs space, it really is not you.

Why are INTJs hard to date?

For some, INTJs appear too aloof, distant, or cold for dating. Because INTJs generally place more focus and importance on thinking through things and engaging in rational thought, rather than relying entirely upon emotions in a romantic relationship, they have a reputation for being cold in romantic partnerships.

Are INTJ females rare?

INTJ women are inclined to handle themselves much differently than other women and could be seen as cold and intimidating by their peers. INTJ personality types are rare, with only two percent of the general population identifying as INTJ. Only four of every five hundred women have an INTJ personality.

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