Question: What can we do in Hyderabad at night?

Where can I spend a day in Hyderabad?

Best One-Day Picnic Spots In HyderabadRamoji Film City. A fun place to visit, especially if you love Bollywood. Osman Nagar Lake. Osman Sagar Lake or Gandipet is a great spot for a one-day picnic (source) Sanjeevaiah Park. Lumbini Park. Nehru Zoological Park. Golconda Fort. Durgam Cheruvu. Ocean Park.More items •Jun 21, 2018

What is famous in Hyderabad buy?

We recommend these 10 best things to buy in Hyderabad :Pearls. 10 best things to buy in Hyderabad. Bidriware. 10 best things to buy in Hyderabad. Lac Bangles. 10 best things to buy in Hyderabad. Ittar/Attar. 10 best things to buy in Hyderabad. Kalamkari. Nirmal paintings and toys. Silver filigree. Pochampally sarees.More items •Jun 7, 2021

Which area is best in Hyderabad?

Here is the list of best areas to live in Hyderabad for bachelors and families:Uppal. Uppal Kalan is a neighborhood locality which is located in East Hyderabad. Madhapur. Madhapur is a suburb which is located at the heart of Hitech City. Banjara Hills. Ameerpet. Begumpet. Somajiguda. Gachibowli. Manikonda.More items •Nov 8, 2019

How can I spend 4 days in Hyderabad?

We have given you a day wise plan so that you can enjoy your visit fully in Hyderabad. Start your day with Salarjung Museum .They serve breakfast all day long.10 am to 11:30 am: Visit Birla Mandir. 5 pm to 6:30 pm: NTR Gardens. 8 pm: Dinner at Ohris 70mm. 10 am to 2 pm: Golconda Fort.More items •Feb 4, 2014

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