Question: Is there a new Duggar courtship?

After Justin Duggar married Claire Spivey in March 2021, none of the TLC stars kids are publicly courting, which is a rare occurrence. Thats not to say all of the adult Duggar siblings are married.

Which Duggar is currently in a courtship?

21, 2020, Justin Duggar officially confirmed on Sept. 21 that he was courting Claire Spivey. Less than two months later (on Nov. 16), the young couple announced they were engaged.

Is Stephen Wissmann courting Jana Duggar?

Jana Dagger, Stephen Wisman, and their families have not yet confirmed that they are courting. However, fans suspect that they have been participating in courtship since late 2020, if not more than that. Janas unmarried status makes her a “child” in a way that a married 10-year-old brother does not.

Are any Bates and Duggars courting?

The Duggars and the Bates Families Both Practice Courting in Relationships. Somehow, though, it has never happened, despite speculation over the years that specific Bates children were perfect for some of the Duggar kids.

Who is courting on Counting On?

After nearly one year of courtship, the 22-year-old Counting On star married Katey Nakatsu in a surprise wedding ceremony. The 10th child of Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar shared the exciting marriage news on Easter Sunday on Instagram.

Are the Duggars and Bates still friends?

The Bates kids and the Duggar kids are still close, though Carlin Stewart and Joy-Anna Forsyth are still besties. The duo met when they were just kids and have supported each other through marriage and the birth of their children. They regularly visit each other.

Why was counting on canceled?

“Counting On” was a spinoff of “19 Kids and Counting,” which followed Jim Bob and Michelle and their daily lives with a large family. The original show was canceled in 2015 after allegations arose that Josh had molested four of his sisters, as well as a babysitter.

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